BBG Review

Considering the amount of people that are continuously on the hunt for a good workout regimen that works for them and their schedule, I figured I’d share a little bit about the program I have been following for the past 43 weeks! I started an online app based program call Bikini Body Guide around the summer of 2018 and fell in love with it.

I’ve been very passionate about my health and workout routine for several years now, but like many people, I needed a structured program that I could follow to hold me accountable towards my goals. I ended up finding the Kayla Itsines BBG program through some internet searching of different programs that weren’t overpriced or too crazy.

Photo by: oklanica

This program is a great tool for anyone from beginners just starting their workout journey to more advanced athletes. It provides you with a workout split of three main resistance sessions a week, typically being 30-40 minute leg, arm and abs that are circuit style high intensity workouts. It also recommends you complete three cardio sessions weekly that can range from 10-60 minutes of either high intensity interval training (HIIT) or low intensity steady state cardio (LISS).

Aside from these main weekly workouts, the app also provides a number of different resources to use such as different challenges, quick workouts if you’re short on time, targeting workouts, stretches and even a daily list of recommended food and recipes to try. All of these resources for under $20 a month is well worth the investment for your health!

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