Food Label Regulations Research Article Outline

Section 1- Introduction/explanation of the purpose of food labels

  • Food safety
  • Food promotion to consumers

Section 2- Misrepresenting information on packaging 

  • Health label claims and their accuracy
  • Do they need to be backed by scientific proof?

Section  3- Current laws/guidlines/ethics in the industry

  • Purpose behind laws that are in place
  • Are laws actually abided by?
  • Compare laws in other countries

Section 4- GMOs, health impacts 

  • Media marketing foods/controversies

Section 5- Consumer perceptions 

  • General publics beliefs on what they should purchase
  • Do misleading food labels contribute to health problems and obesity?

Section 6- Key things to look for to spot misleading food labels

  • How to navigate the grocery store
  • Misleading labels to be aware of

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