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Much of my blog has been centered around health related topics, as that is where my true passion is. Despite this, my program is titled Health and Fitness Marketing, so I figured I’d provide a quick background about how I became interested in the business and marketing side of things as well.

Two years ago I was given the opportunity to internship with a real estate company based out of the White Mountain region. My job in short was to run several social media pages for this growing real estate company, create advertisements, logos and send current clients as well as potential clients weekly newsletters. When I was presented with this internship opportunity, I felt like I was extremely under qualified to be doing these tasks independently and have this company rely on my skills as an unexperienced college student. Despite my hesitations, the owner was confident that I could pull it off, so reluctantly I agreed.

CC by Mark Smiciklas

The internship only lasted one summer, but I genuinely learned more from those few months of hands on work that I have in many classes where I just sat behind a desk and listened to a professor give lectures. I was really thrown into the position to figure things out on my own, and although it was a scary experience at first, I’m extremely grateful for it. Not only did it give me the opportunity to grow my business and marketing skills immensely in just a few short months, it also taught me that situations where you feel the most vulnerable are usually the ones you learn the most from.

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