The PLN I created for my Interdisciplinary courses over the past year was my Twitter profile. I utilized this profile for a marketing course my junior year as well as IDS Introduction and senior seminar. Looking back, it is amazing to see how my interest and knowledge has evolved in both health and fitness as well as marketing. Finding new articles and learning new information was my favorite part of this PLN because I was learning about things I’m truly passionate about. Utilizing social media is a great opportunity to continuously learn things in a more modern that works with our society. Instead of using books, you are able to find amazing articles, collaborate and network within your industry.

Some of my favorite aspects of having my PLN was the ability to see different professionals interact and challenge each others ideas. I also loved the opportunity to follow along with different professionals and pages that I loved and see what opinions and articles they found interesting or learned from.

These are just a few examples of articles and posts that I both found inspiring or learned something from. After this course is over and graduation comes around, I hope that I still utilize Twitter to continue to learn alongside other professionals in my industry.

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