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After reflecting on my time as a student at PSU, I’m extremely grateful for the unconventional route I chose to take. After struggling back and forth for several years between a business major and a health major, I really felt like I was stuck in a difficult position and ready to give up getting my degree all together. As a first semester Junior, I had plenty of credits, but nearly half of them were in business course and half were in health courses. I met with several different professors and advisors to try and figure out a plan for my degree that did not involve me being in college for another four years. This is when one advisor I met with told me about Interdisciplinary Studies and how I would be a perfect fit for it. Like many, I had never heard of IDS and was fairly skeptical at first. After some discussion I decided to look into it for myself, scheduled a meeting with the IDS advisor and changed my major all in one week.

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Having the ability to combine both of majors that I loved into one integrative program I tilted health and fitness marketing, was something I never thought was possible, but I am so grateful for. Now as I’m finishing up my degree, it is a perfect combination of all the classes I know would bring me the most success post graduation. I focused the majority of the business side of my degree on marketing and finance courses. For the health portion of my degree, its focused mainly on nutrition and exercise based courses. Both my applied project as well as my research article combine both aspects of my degree.

My research article focused on food label regulations and the industry that makes these regulations. This is a huge area of interest to me because I love all things nutrition. I figured this would be a good research topic because there is plenty of information about it and also because it involves health and the marketing aspect of food products to get people to purchase them. My applied project had a similar idea behind it. Quickly into my research I was able to see how much deception and false information is out there for the public to be fooled by. Because of this, I decided to focus my applied project on creating a healthy grocery shopping reference guide for individuals looking to better their health. It provides them with different health food options, tips on how to properly read nutrition labels as well as what nutrients they should add to their diet and what to stay away from. With so much unregulated health claims and inaccurate information out there, I wanted to create an easy guide to make healthy living a little easier.

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These two projects were a great way to conclude my studies and journey to complete IDS program I created. I learned a lot through the process of both the research article and the applied project. Although they seem like daunting tasks at first, I can really see the benefit behind them. They compile and utilize all of the information I’ve learned not only through the health and business classes I’ve taken over the years, but through the IDS program itself. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to switch to an IDS major so late in my college career and really find what I excel in and am passionate about.

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